NHS Covid Vaccinations

Covid Vaccination Certificate Information

Update - 15th Apr 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination and Blood Clotting Information.

Update - 19th Feb 2021

We have now invited all patients aged 16-64 who are in an at risk group (including carers).

The government recently announced a new cohort of patients based on a COVID risk assessment, this cohort is known as 'QCOVID'. Patients in this cohort have been identified using multiple NHS databases (hospital records), we do not have access to these databases. 

Patients included in this cohort have been sent an invite text last night. We are being inundated with queries this morning regarding these invites. Some queries we are unable to answer due to the above. 

If you have a query as to why you have been invited, please use the tool below before calling us or email your query to castlemc.reception@nhs.net and we will get back to emails as quickly as we can. 

We would like to keep our phones free for people who have an acute medical need. 

Thank you for understanding. 


Update - 8th Feb 2021

We are expecting to invite patients aged 65-69 for their covid vaccine at the Warwickshire Golf Club over the next two weeks.

We will contact you via text when you can book your appointment. 

Once a text is received, please click on the link to book your appointment, it will be from accurx.thirdpary.nhs.uk

Please note we have a fully operational indoor clinic and the option of a ‘drive through’ facility for people who prefer.

Our clinics run every week to accommodate our registered patients.

Kenilworth & Warwick PCN COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Our Practice is part of the Kenilworth and Warwick Primary Care Network, which also includes Abbey Medical Centre, Chase Meadow Medical Centre, Avonside Health Centre and Priory Medical Centre. Together we are coordinating the Covid-19 Vaccination programme for patients within our network. Vaccinations will be given at The Warwickshire Golf Club in Leek Wootton. The vaccination programme commenced on Tuesday 15th December 2020. 

We have now vaccinated all of our patients who are living in a care or residential home. We are currently working on vaccinating our housebound patients and predict to finish this cohort by mid February. 

We are currently only vaccinating for the first dose and we will contact you at 12 weeks to receive a second vaccine.

We are proud to announce we have completed cohorts 1-4. If you are over 70 years of ages and have not had your first does, please make contact with us. 

We update our Facebook page regularly, so please like us on Facebook.