Run out of a regular repeat medication and need a supply quickly?

22nd July 2024 - 08.00 - We are working to restore normal services following the global IT outage on Friday 19th July.  Our clinical system is fully operational again. We would appreciate your patience as we manage the demand today and thoughout the week. We are working through prescription requests as quickly as possible. 

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Change of Personal Details

Please note that if your new home is situated outside our practice boundary you will be asked to register as ‘Out of Area patient’ and must agree to the limitations of this type of registration by signing and understanding the disclaimer.

Please log in to your GP Online Services account or submit our webform, to let us know if you have moved house or your contact details have changed. Please remember to let us know if your landline has changed when you move house.

To notify us of a name change, please come to the surgery with a copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll paperwork.